Our Clients have different needs and expectations, our business model is designed to adapt to such needs in a way that is flexible, not only at the beginning, but also thinking on what is best in the long term.

Long term Relationships: 

The clue to a long-term relationship is quality service and client satisfaction, DIMSA thrives on such strategy as our DNA. Always looking for process improvement, software development, professional training, and performance.

Experienced personnel: 

Training and experience are paramount in any company, but for DIMSA it’s our essence. In a changing world, regulatory framework adaptation, and political challenges, a thorough knowledge of what works best, and fast adaptation to such changes are key for success. DIMSA always looks for this excellence within our professional team.

Competitive Prices: 

We believe in a fair market value as the central stage in any competitive environment. Our quotes and prices reflect the advantage of economies of scale of our services, with a sense of value added to our clients. Our clients can always compare our services versus in-house performance, yet our value proposition gives them a certainty in cost and consistency, with the best professional delivery.

Client Satisfaction: 

The main indicator for the well being of a company is when their clients speak well of their services and remains within the company as a trustee supplier. 100% of DIMSA´s clients renew their contracts after the first term. This speaks volumes of such client satisfaction by DIMSA´s service.

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