Foreign Trade

  • Usage of DIMSA’s web-based Annex 24 software.
  • Recommend processes for Fixed Assets invoices purchased in Mexico imported by a third party.
  • Assist with bill of materials, HTS Codes, importation, and exportation legal requirments.

Supply chain and materials management is a key element in any manufacturing enterprise. In most cases, your project will require international sourcing of materials (southbound shipments) and / or Northbound logistics of finished goods to countries outside of Mexico. In these cases, Mexico has temporary import programs such as IMMEX, which can reduce inherent import duties impact on your operations. In order to apply for and successfully maintain legal / fiscal compliance in these programs deployment, unique certified software and customs practices must be implemented, managed and audited. Appropriate logistics and documentation coordination from the port of entry to your facility and back are factors that can noticeably affect your in-transit inventory if not optimized, converting a “few hours lead time” into days.

DIMSAs in-house expertise in Customs and Logistics management services assures that you consistently have optimal results in reduced landed cost, in transit inventory and legal compliance. We achieve this by our use of proven and proficient deployment systems, proprietary software and best practices by on-sight and off-sight personnel, resulting in our costumers having a top dollar department at a competitive cost in comparison to the alternative of in-house personnel. 

Preoperational Phase:

Proper customs and logistics planning and implementation are crucial to your business success and affect your projects bottom line. Selecting the most appropriate import programs or combination of programs, developing the most cost effective supply chain methods and selecting optimum service providers, all play a role in creating materials related competitiveness.

DIMSAs experts in customs and logistics play a key role in guiding and assisting you in choosing the best alternatives to fit your business needs based on your initial phase through final phase requirements.

Our in-house expertise in international logistics and customs procedures, legislation and practices can result in substantial savings to your business logistics impact compared to using “off the shelf” practices. Determining equipment customs status, MRO sourcing, raw materials Inco-terms and best importation practices are all contingent upon your unique short term and long term project Needs.

DIMSA’s service includes

  • Complete project logistics assesment
  • Develop global customs and logistics strategies
  • Information needed to evaluate strategies
  • Determine best programs, submit and obtain temporary import permits
  • Assistance in selecting:
    • Mexican & US customs brokers as well as freight forwarder(s)
    • Selection of competitive transportation companies
    • Define labeling and packaging requirements
    • Determine most appropriate primary and contingent international ports
    • Request country of origin certificates
    • Establish software and data networking to be used by customs control
    • Evaluate applicability of potential NAFTA and other Mexico Free Trade agreements advantages
    • Strategic Planning Support and Guidance to senior management

Operational Phase:

Once optimum customs and logistics strategies have been implemented, the highest contingency related to the day-to-day functions resides in opportune expediting and coordination of all involved service providers & paper work (logistics) and correct and complete reporting and temporary inventory control (customs and materials control).

Nonconformity of statutory customs control is unobservable in the short term, but may cause major economical liabilities through lack of detection of small inconsistencies over time.

DIMSA’s  integrated operational systems, proprietary software, process methods and periodic internal audit practice assures that logistics and customs control activities are executed correctly, on time and with check loops that assure the reduction and elimination of potential long term customs liabilities. Activities include:

  • Perform traffic expediting functions
  • Control of all Import & Export balances (cycle counting iterations to assure correctness of temp. import balances)
  • Transportation companies coordination
  • Permit extensions (If applicable)
  • Submit official reports to authorities
  • Data entry and maintenance of Customs software database
  • Maintaining of import export declarations archives
  • Periodic audits of archives and I/E procedures compliance
  • Logistics related service invoices review and pre-authorization
  • Generation of periodic indicators and logistics reports for upper management
  • Periodic meetings with senior management.

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