Shelter Package

Shelter Structure:

We offer fully integrated packages whether through a Shelter Company, or in our client´s own Subsidiary.

DIMSA is not the only service provider in the market. We are quite aware of the fact and have taken a unique approach to market differentiation with our potential competitors in the service market by assuring being the most cost competitive solution with sustained quality and client satisfaction over years of service. How can we boast such results? DIMSA has based our respective services design and continuing delivery based on becoming the most efficient and cost effective solutions in each area based on in-house leading edge technology and software design, optimizing labor content, deep in-house knowledge in each respective specialty area and assuring service consistency, independent of deployed individuals.

We also tailor make our services to fit your unique business needs and in-house resource capabilities, assuring a long term complimentary relationship, where the majority of our clients renew service contracts year after year.

Our business goal is to maintain long term working relationships with our customers, where mutual interests are achieving sustained optimum bottom line through mutual efforts. Your ongoing success is our success.

Our preoperational service offerings are designed to help you achieve your goals, on time and on budget.

Our ongoing management services are designed to give you consistent delivery at a competitive price.

Be it shelter, design service packages or a single service offering, we are in the business of assisting our clients to be successful in their Mexico business ventures.

More than 20 years helping our costumer
to achieve their goals