Human Resources & Union Selection Administration

A key factor in setting up and sustaining a successful business venture resides in the appropriate Management of your Human capital. This fact is exponentially more relevant when dealing in a multi-cultural atmosphere were creating a cultural bridge between upper management and the local asset base, while maintaining core corporate philosophy and incorporating local culture and business practice is vital in developing a sustainable and proficient labor ambient.

There are many regulatory as well as soft issues involved in successfully designing, implementing and sustaining an HR administration that results in a pleased and productive work force, consistently achieving and surpassing set goals and increasing efficiency. 

DIMSA assists you by:

Preoperational Phase:

Proper and effective planning and implementation of all HR and Union related issues BEFORE company start-up are crucial tasks in setting up the company. Because of the nature of Mexican Labor Law, erronious strategic decisions in this phase may have ongoing negative repercussions that permeate through the life of the company.

DIMSAs specialists and advisors in HR management and union negotiations assist you in the planning and implementation phase of your project to assure the best decisions are taken opportunely, minimizing implementation contingencies. Some of the activities covered include:

  • Labor union selection and negotiation strategy and implementation based on location, company.
  • Corporate philosophy and practices.
  • Negotiating the administrative (provisional) labor contract.
  • Wages & benefits survey (benchmark) to determine optimum wage scales and benefit packages.
  • Design of labor shifts.
  • Design Labor categories.
  • Define optimum direct labor recruiting parameters.
  • Recruitment selection and hiring
  • Induction Program of Union leaders.
  • Operational (Definitive) collective union contract development and negotiation.
  • Drafting and negotiating of internal regulations (Rule Book).
  • Drafting of base policies and procedures based on best practices.
  • Strategic planning support and guidance to senior management.

Operational Phase:

HR management in Mexico goes way beyond common practice in first world nations, due to the fact of the inherent nature of the socioeconomic stratification of the labor pool, uniique labor laws and country wide practices. Union management can be used as a benefit to the company if properly structured from inception, and proper continuous management.

Mandatory regulations affecting this function are broad based and may be complex and easily overlooked by a less than expert manager. Outside of production based competencies, HR management is a core administrative function that can make your Mexico operation, a global benchmark operation or a failure.

DIMSAs in-house expertise in human asset and union management, will guarantee that you have a top notch management team at the most cost competitive cost, independent of your company size. This assures implementation of best practices without being over burdensome to your project overhead allocation.

Activities include:

  • Implementation of Induction Program.
  • On-going relationship between company workers & union through formal and informal channels.
  • Union Contract yearly review and negotiations.
  • Ongoing union communications.
  • Mandatory Profit Sharing strategy, implementation and management.
  • Salaried personnel compensation review and management.
  • Periodic benchmark assesment of wages & benefits.
  • Monitoring and reporting on turnover and absenteeism rates as well as corrective actions implementation.
  • Social Security (Social Medicine related payroll taxes) fees auditing.
  • General services coordination.
  • Operational HR responsibility*.
  • Periodic meetings with senior management.

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