The North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) positioned Mexico in a totaly new level in global trade, becoming a continuously expanding strategic global manufacturing center. DIMSA was established in 1995. Its founders, with strong prior experience in foreign investment support services, designed a unique back office and advisory service menu based on investor’s needs, client satisfaction and cost competitive value propositions supported by a broad based team of professionals and proprietary tools. Through continuous improvement principles and achieved client satisfaction, we have grown to become one of Mexico´s nationwide top service providers of the field with a global reputation.

DIMSA´s current clientele base includes public and global private sector organizations of all sizes. Our customers come from diverse fields of the economy such as:
DIMSA helps international companies to plan and implement successful manufacturing or service enterprises in Mexico. Whether your offshore project requires a "Shelter" services or a tailor made BPO solution, DIMSA designs a user specific package that best suits your unique business needs.

DIMSA efficiently delivers its services supported by quality standards that assure full compliance with Mexican regulatory requirements. With, well trained staff and the use of modern web-based software platforms that provide real-time access to your business information.  We provide opportune administrative transparency, metrics, regulatory compliance and data interphase for your Mexican entity. . Our vast experience and capacity to adapt our service scope as your company needs change is a major support asset for any company considering having a successful and fully compliant operation in Mexico.

Why Outsourcing?

Why should you outsource your non-core competency business requirements to a third party? Choosing a service provider whose core competencies are precisely those functions that you desire to outsource will provide you with the best cost and quality results. Company start-ups in near-shore countries is always a challenge, and in the case of most companies, more a high risk proposition do to the fact of their unfamiliarity with the target countries business culture, regulations and particularities.

Employing the assistance of a service company expert in company startups will help you achieve regulatory compliance in Mexico, reduce start up times and avoid contingencies by reducing the learning gap of your project. Taking the guess work out of a project implementation may save you much more than the cost of employing the qualified service provider.