Payroll Management

Our web-based payroll service makes easier for your businesses to manage payroll and get full compliance with all payroll-related statutory requirements and obligations according to the Mexican law at an affordable price, our platform offers easy access and flexible reporting any place and any time. We have experience in payroll processing functions for more than 11,000 employees.

  • Usage of Licensed Payroll software.
  • Front-end: Bank account employee registration, enter data of absenteeism vacation days, Personal time-off, etc.
  • Creation and delivery of dispersion bank files and accounting journal entries.
  • Clarifications and notifications and notifications to the IMSSI (Social Security).

Our service differentiators:

  • We offer support and attention for internal audits or audits made by a third party.
  • Our service includes the social security audit processed by a certified accountant firm.
  • Daily backup of information, monthly reporting of payroll incidences for tax purposes.

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